Individual F A Q s

The ACA and youFind the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding individual and family health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Among many other consumer friendly provisions, the Affordable Care established the 10 essential health benefits and the individual mandate requiring most individual to have health care coverage by January 1st 2014 or pay a fine.

Q. When can I enroll in an Individual Health Insurance Plan?

Q. Does my RX copay count towards my out-of-pocket annual maximum?

Q. Is Obamacare a Success in California?

Q. Covered California – How do I report changes?

Q. I brought a health insurance plan through Covered California. Does my health insurance plan include children’s dental coverage?

Q. I currently have COBRA. Can I cancel it and enroll in a Covered California health insurance plan? Can my coverage start right away?

Q. What is the “penalty” for not having health insurance for 2015?

Q. I enrolled on a high-deductible plan because I hardly ever went to the Dr.   I am now sick and going to the Dr. a lot.  Can I change my plan to a better one?

Q. Does it really matter if I go to an “in-network” or “out-of-network” provider when using my plan?

Q. I am on a “Short-Term” medical plan. Will that satisfy the Government’s requirement of having insurance?

Q. I earn a very high salary, but need to purchase my own health insurance.  Do I need to go through Covered California?

Q. What is the Premium “Subsidy” under Obamacare?

Q. What is my “Grace” period for paying premiums under the Affordable Care Act?

Q. Does my Doctors have to take my Covered California health plan?

Q. To what age may my dependent children stay on my health plan?